Essential Oils, Absolutes, and Fragrances

Essential Oils:

These are natural, fragrant oils extracted from plant matter.

Essential oils are most often extracted from grasses, roots,

leaves, flowers, fruit and seeds. Extraction is generally done

using steam distillation, extraction via liquid carbon dioxide 

or other solvent or by pressing or squeezing.


Are highly concentrated, alcohol soluble extracts of natural

 perfume materials.  Absolutes are usually prepared  thru 

alcohol extraction. The alcohol is subsequently removed so that

the finished absolute will be completely soluble in designer 

perfumes and colognes.


Fragrances and Fragrance Compounds:

These are usually blends of natural essential oils, ingredients 

isolated from them, synthetic aromatic chemicals, natural 

resins, balsams and fixatives.

A finished fragrance compound blends a balance of:

     I.     Top Notes: The fastest evaporating ingredients, which 

give the first impression of the fragrance.

    II.   Middle notes: The main body of the fragrance, which 

predominates most of the extent of the fragrance, and provides 

the main character of the scent.

  III.   Base Notes:  The slowest evaporating and longest

 lasting part of any fragrance. They include ingredients which, 

by themselves, as well as fixatives will give longer lasting 

properties to a fragrance.